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The Game Plan

The formula for success of any championship team is all players working together toward a desired goal. We strive to create this team effort by working in conjunction with our client’s internal staff and departments. Through a cooperative understanding, everyone is reading from the same playbook and knows each other’s moves before the action even begins. This game plan has helped Integrated Sports maximize our client’s marketing goals and rise above the competition.

In addition, our Corporate Marketing team will work to identify the best way for our clients to utilize the world of sports to create effective marketing plans and innovative turn-key solutions. But the formation of a championship team is only part of the mix. What sets Integrated apart is a level of service and commitment, unparalleled in the industry.


Through our extensive celebrity database, we can identify the perfect athlete with specific qualities such as age, ethnic background, personality traits, medical history, etc. to match a company’s goals and objectives. We’ll develop a complete marketing program for the client’s regional or national advertising campaign, including everything from arranging testimonials, press conferences, satellite media tours, personal appearances and special events to coordinating additional promotional and marketing opportunities, all tailored for the program at hand.


Integrated Sports will help you choose the sports celebrity best suited to the theme and purpose of the event. Whether it’s an annual meeting, awards dinner, trade conference or sales meeting, we will find the perfect fit to motivate, entertain and inspire your audience. Our comprehensive sports celebrity database includes over 1,500 star athletes, both past and present, with personal backgrounds, prior affiliations and category conflicts which allow us to help you appropriately select the best athlete for your event or function.


When it comes to celebrity appearances, you will find us second to none. We recommend and coordinate all aspects of celebrity appearances, including autograph signings, retail grand openings and trade shows for both public and private corporate functions. Nothing is a bigger hit than a pro athlete at your event. And we’re the team that knows how to make it happen at every stage for you.


Our sponsorship department consists of experienced sports marketers with a specialty in property and media negotiations. By having established personal relationships with leagues and teams across the country, we’re able to negotiate favorable deals for our clients. For added credibility, you’ll find that IS is a recognized industry source for its high-level of expertise in the sports sponsorship arena.

“We create a team effort by working seamlessly with our client’s internal staff so everyone is working from the same playbook in every facet of the entire event we sponsor.”

- Cheryl Jacobs (President, Corp. Marketing Division)

From top sports celebrity appearances to charitable corporate events to negotiating stadium sponsorships and signage...INTEGRATED SPORTS always steps to the plate!